A Day in Tuscany


retro copertina

More confessions of a chianti tour guide

di Dario Castagno

A day in Tuscany picks up where Dario Castagno’s much-loved, best-selling memoir Too Much Toscan Sun leaves off – quite literally as the amiable tour-guide-turned-author returns from his first-ever American book tour.

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As Dario wakes up back in his beloved village after three hectic months in the United States, he sees his surroundings with fresh eyes and reacquaints himself with the rhythms of home: “The day after I returned… something magical occurred”, he writes. “As I wandered my home territory, reconnecting with familiar sighs, sounds, aromas, and (especially) friends and neighbors, I began to realize just how rich my life here is”.

And so begins his day in Tuscany…





Castagno Dario