Too Much Tuscan Wine


retro copertina

In vino veritas

di Dario Castagno, Robert Rodi

With his third book, Too Much Tuscan Wine, Dario Castagno decants another spellbinding volume about life in a place where the everyday can still be infused with magic and marvel. It follows up 2007’s A Day In Tuscany, and his first book, Too Much Tuscan Sun – Confessions Of A Chianti Tour Guide (2004).

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The New York Times called that popular title, an “engaging jaunt into the Italian countryside”. Publisher’s Weekly deemed it, “Brain candy to be enjoyed with a bottle of red”. A case of red is in order for Too Much Tuscan Wine, which celebrates the region’s viniculture and those who joyously imbibe it. Vintage Castagno, the memoir is a heady flow of real-life adventures in which copious amounts of “vino rosso” propel the narrative, which begins when he is contacted by “Mia Lane”, an American editor who proposes that he write a book about Tuscan wine. As the manuscript develops, so does the depth of feelings expressed in Dario and Mia’s e-mail correspondence.
Part muse, part mystery women, she captures his imagination and eventually his soul when her true identity is revealed. Castagno’s latest overflows with humor, reverie, romance, adventure and a heartfelt toast to Tuscany, where more than the landscape is lush!





Castagno Dario,

Rodi Robert


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